tagthe.net Privacy Policy

We from Knallgrau New Media Solutions consider privacy a very important issue. This documents provides an overview of our policy here at tagthe.net, one of our services.

About this service

As you may know tagthe.net is a webservice that tags your content based on the data within that content. Due to this approach it is necessary that we scan and analyse the data that you send to the webservice. To ensure the safest possible approach tagthe.net is secured via https (SSL) encryption using a certificate authored by us.

What information we collect and how we use it

  • We do '''not''' store any personal information.
  • We do '''not''' use any cookie to store information.
  • We do record request data (commmon server logs including URL, IP Address, browser type, language, date and time) for statistical purposes.
  • We do store the data of the files you send to tagthe.net in a cache for a limited time to speed up the service. This cache is emptied regularly, so no information is stored persistently.
  • We do store the tags that are being returned by tagthe.net to improve overall tag quality. Those tags are in no way connected to any request information and only stored in an aggregated form (tag and number of occurences).

Changes to this policy

We might periodically update this policy, but don't expect any major changes to come. We will notify users here and on the front page if any significant change to this policy is made.

Further information

If you have any further questions regarding privacy, don't hesitate to contact us.