FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is this?

    tagthe.net is a webservice intended to provide you with tags for your texts. You can use it in your applications, in other webservices or just play around with it.
  2. Why is it so different?

    In contrast to other services it uses the information that is present in the text, it analyses the content and tries to find out words that could be useful as tags. Currently it works with english, german, french and spanish texts.
  3. What technologies do you use?

    The analysis component is written in Java and utilizes a great bunch of open source libraries. This Web page runs on the Helma Object Publisher and connects to the REST API which you can use for your own applications.
  4. What is all that tagging stuff about?

    Tags are nothing else than keywords, that you assign to your content. It is like putting a document into more than one folder. To get an overview of tagging, you could start here and then have a look at one of the numerous services that are using tags: del.icio.us, flickr or Gmail.
  5. What is that Magic that you claim to use?

    After all it is just plain statistics and a fair amount of logic with a twist of lemon.
  6. Do you plan to provide other languages in the future?

    Yes. But we don't know which and we don't know when. Stay tuned.
  7. How could I use tagthe.net?

    As already mentioned, you could integrate it in your own applications, everywhere from an Email Client to a Blogging Service. Everything could use a little tag or two.
  8. This is a webservice, if I use it in an application, will it be there forever?

    We don't know. We hope so, but that depends on how much you and others use it. Generally we think this is going to stay.
  9. Is there a limit of requests per day or do I need to register and get an API key to use it?

    No. For the moment there is no limit, no need to register and no API key or whatsoever. Just use it. If you are planning an application that uses it heavily, please drop us a line.
  10. What do you plan to do with that technology?

    This is just a sneak preview into a product we are currently working on. So it is going to be part of other things in the future.
  11. Who developed this?

    tagthe.net was developed by a bunch of fabulous developers at Knallgrau New Media Solutions, Vienna, Austria. You can take a look at their blogs: Benjamin, Mihi and Thomas. Smeidu did a wonderful design and smi sat back watching all this happen.