Tagthe.net Wordpress Plugin

If you are using the popular blogging software Wordpress, you are now able to add tags to your stories. Well, thats not a great innovation since there already exists a great plugin which adds this feature: The Ultimate Tag Warrior.
This plugin however uses tagyu, so the improvement we made ist that you are now able to choose Tagthe.net as tagging service.

A small example how you can add tags to your post:

As mentioned before this feature is based on the already existing Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin which was developed by Christine Davis.
You can download the "improved" version of this plugin here:
UltimateTagWarrior (zip, 126 KB)

For wordpress 1.5.1+:
  1. Copy the Ultimate Tag Warrior directory in you plugin directory (wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Enable the plugin
  3. Under Options/Tags/ select Tagthe.net as tagging service

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