Ruby API for

Inspired by Pratik Naik's Ruby Wrapper, I decided to write an improved Ruby API for This is more or less a complete rewrite of Pratik's code, which has some improvements such as dynamic dimension detection or command line usage (see the comments in the script for more). Ruby API
Pratik (guest) - 31. May, 11:45

Awesome !

Hey Benjamin,

Thanks for the excellent API ! I just wrote the API for some learning/testing purpose. Coming from Perl background, I'm still not very good with ruby, especially REXML part. Your code will server as a very good reference to me for better coding standards.

So thanks again :-)

Ian Holsman (guest) - 6. Jun, 05:01

python API for

Hi guys.. I wrote a simple client in python which I talk about on my blog

the source is here: SVN version of python code

Saimon Hafizali (guest) - 18. Dec, 06:58

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