Tag the Bird approved by Mozilla

Today Tag the Bird 0.9.1 finally got approved by Mozilla. You can now get it at addons.mozilla.org.

If you are already using Tag the Bird, please uninstall the extension and reinstall it with the file provided on addons.mozilla.org. Though this *should* not be nescessary, it makes sure that autoupdating your Thunderbird extensions now covers Tag the Bird too. You will always get the newest Tag the Bird version automatically.

Plus: Things look great as far as developing on v1.0 (truely searchable tags) goes. Stay tuned.
fmf (guest) - 26. May, 16:49

tagthe extension not working (nothing happens...)

I know "it doesn't work" subject is not a good bug report, but i'm sorry: it's all i can say about your extension.
I get it from https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/1832/ and i get the 0.9.1 version.
Didn't changed any preference in the options page and after restarting TB i was expecting to see tags in my messages, but nothing happens.
So i tried to send a new message to myself and again, nothing.
Where i made a mistake?
I also have mehny installed, could be a problem?

Paul Alexandrow - 29. May, 11:15

Did you expand the headers-view in your message pane (= click the little '+' next to 'Subject')?

Mnenhy could be a problem too. Please try to deactivate it temporarily and post the result here. This would help a lot.
fmf (guest) - 5. Jun, 17:42

It was mnenhy.
After I deactivate Custom header package, tagthe extension starts working.
Thanks, and sorry for late answer.
Paul Alexandrow - 6. Jun, 10:18

ok thanks. i'll look into it.
fmf (guest) - 7. Jun, 11:32

[tagthe extension] some feature request

After make it works I started using it and I found some feature request.
I try to put them here, just to let you know.

- Add custom tag button: it's really boring to open menu, select Message/Tag the bird/Add a tag each time i want to add a custom tag, it will be beautiful to have a button for that.

- Add multiple custom tags: to add multiple tag you have to select Add a tag multiple times. It will be better to insert multiple tags comma separated.

- profiling: I'm italian (by the way, sorry for my english) and I tag italian mails; I'd like to have a black list of words like conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs and so on and I'd like to have something like a preferred words list to apply to incoming mails. The way could be something like a personal profile on the site.

- tag cloud: I'd like to see a tag cloud like del.icio.us one in my (had to come) profile.

- autotagging: some way to add tags automatically by message filter in TB.

For now it's all.
Thanks in advance for your attentio.
Paul Alexandrow - 7. Jun, 15:01

hi fmf,

thanks a lot for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

Today I uploaded rc1 for v1.0. This should cover the first two of your requests.

About profiling: I could do such a blacklist in Tag the Bird, but I think a better approach would be, to make the tagthe.net service compatible with Italian, so you get better suggestions in the first place.

About the tag cloud: This would be nice, but right now I really can't think of a way of how to implement it without a devastating impact on CPU usage. I'll think about it though.

About filterbased tagging: That's a very interesting approach. Definitely worth pursuing. Maybe that's the next step after IMAP support.

Thanks again four your feedback!
Josh Knauer (guest) - 16. Aug, 16:59

IMAP Support?

Do you have plans to add IMAP support? If so, when might we expect it? If you need help beta testing it, I would be happy to do it.

Paul Alexandrow - 17. Aug, 07:01

Yes, I do plan to add that. However, at the moment I really can't make an estimate about when it's going to be ready.
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